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Amelia's Scrubbie

“Make happiness a priority and be gentle with yourself in the process.” Unknown

I have lovingly named this scrubbie after myself! It’s a bit of a fumble in the middle to get everything finished but it’s so worth it!


I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! If you don’t already, make sure you follow me on Pinterest where you can save this idea for future use. This pattern assumes you know the basics of knitting machines and can do light finishing work and single crochet.



Cotton Yarn worsted weight less than a skein. I have used both I Love This Cotton by Hobby Lobby and Comfy Cotton by LionBrand successfully.

22 Point circular knitting Machine



Crochet hook


Cast on without waste yarn

Knit 95 Rows

Cast off without waste yarn

Gently stretch and cinch close each end. Sew each side shut and weave in end.

Accordion your tube in 1.5-inch segments.

Cut an 18-inch piece of yarn and place the accordion tube on top.

Tie closed tightly tying multiple times. This will be a bit fiddly but worth it!

This will shape your work so you will want to tie it evenly.

Sew through the middle and the layers several times to make sure everything is super snug. Tie a few knots and then weave in the ends.

Single crochet 30 times to make a chain with a 5.5mm hook.

Attach the handle to the scrubbie.

And VIOLA! Done!

Wash in cold water on a gentle setting.

Hope You enjoyed the Pattern!

If you have any questions the quickest way to reach me is through my Instagram page @blossomandwilds

I can wait to see your work! Much love -


Amelia Headrick | 2020 | | @Blossomandwilds

This pattern is an original work by Blossom and Wilds.

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Many Thanks!

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