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MINA-ish Yoga Carrier

Updated: May 2, 2021

My posture is horrible. Between breastfeeding and fiber things I spend a lot of time hunched. To combat this I've been a fairly regular yoga practitioner for the last 4 years. This has helped tremendously with pain and overall wellness.


I'm also a minimalist, and I don’t have a ton of space in my house. Think tiny 1950'S stone a frame with a tiny patch of land.

I really wanted a yoga carrier to carry my yoga mat. I have kids so if I'm trying to do yoga outside in the yard I often need to juggle the odds and ends that children "need."

I saw the price of some of the straps and thought ya know 😅 I could make that.


A bit of Addi 22 point Knitting Machine later and the Mina-ish Yoga Mat Carrier was born. I did end up playing yarn chicken and losing for the photos but it's still cute.


This pattern assumes that you have basic knowledge of circular knitting machines and that you know how to cast on, cast off and some light finishing steps.


Hope you enjoy it and I can’t wait to see yours 🥰

Materials Needed

Needle: I use rounded tip clover Jumbo

2 wood rings: 2.8in (I forgot one for the photo, oops)

Crochet Hook I like to work with: 6.5mm

22 point Circular knitting machine


A little less than a skein of worsted weight yarn

yarns that have worked: Lion Brand Basic stitch, Lion Brand Woolease, Basic Stitch by Joann



Cast on 10 rows of waste yarn

Switch to the main color and knit 240 rows

Cast off 10 rows of waste yarn


Gently Stretch Tube and crochet tube shut

Remove the waste yarn and weave in ends

You will have a long rectangular tub

Fold the tube in half making sure it is not twisted

Video of removing waste yarn and weaving in ends:

Video of crochet closure:

Sew along the edge:

Weave in ends and DONE!

How to use 🥰 Enjoy the sounds of my Three year old asking to make chocolate cookies :)

Amelia Headrick | 2020 | | @Blossomandwilds

This pattern is an original work by Blossom and Wilds.

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Many Thanks!

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