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Sunshine Plant Hanger

April 15 ,2021

Okay. I tried. I really did. I wanted to make a fruit hammock for this weeks blog post. It was a total flop. A TOTAL FLOP. A flippy flop of failure.

What wasn’t a flop my Sunshine Plant Hanger made on the 46 Needle Addi Knitting Machine?


It's a simple make paired with a small round plant. perfection. .

It also is can be used as an all-purpose wall basket.


This pattern assumes the user knows the basics of knitting machines. ie. Cast on, cast off, and a minimal amount of finishing work.



  • Needle, I use clover round tips

  • Less than a skein of medium worsted yarn. I used Lionbrand "Jeans" in the color Topstitch You can use alternative yarns but you may need to adjust rows, For a slouchier hanger add 5-10 rows.

  • scissors to trim yarn

  • wood rings sized 2.8 inches, I purchased mine from Amazon

  • Addi 46 Needle knitting Machine





Cast on without waste yarn

Knit 60 rounds

Cast Off without waste yarn


Cinch Each side of the Tube Closed and sew ends shut.

Feed one end of the tube through the center. This is similar to making a two-layer beanie.

Shape your hanger into an egg-ish shape

Place Wood Ring on Top

Pass the tip through the ring

Sew The folded piece of fabric to the closest layer.

Weave in ends. I like to feed the needle between the layers and then trim for easy finishing.

Gently shape and hang!

And you are done! I hope you enjoyed this pattern as much as I enjoyed creating it. To get my latest updates to follow me on Instagram @blossomandwilds

Amelia Headrick | 2020 | | @Blossomandwilds

This pattern is an original work by Blossom and Wilds.

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Many Thanks!

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